Infallible Full Coverage Concealer 327 Cashmere

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A full coverage concealer so versatile it’s MORE THAN CONCEALER! Thanks to its full coverage elastic formula and its supersized applicator, Infallible MORE THAN CONCEALER by L’Oreal Paris can be worn locally to conceal dark circles and cover all imperfections, on wider areas to brighten up and contour, or even full face to refresh your makeup on-the-go. The highest-coverage formula in the widest concealer shade range. 24H full coverage always looking super natural, never overdone. This water proof concealer has non-greasy formula which explains why it won’t ever transfer, fade, or flake.

1-Full Coverage and waterproof.
2-Natural Matte Finish and 24H Wear.Stretchable Elastic Concealer Formula
3-Local or Full Face Application.
4-Usage instructions:
Concealer for dark circles: apply directly tracing onto your undereye area. Then blend with finger or blender.
Concealer for spots & other imperfections: apply locally on the imperfections using the domed end of the applicator, then blend with finger or blender.
Makeup refresh: apply few dots where needed, stretch formula onto a wider zone with your fingers, then blend with finger or blender.
Sculpting: shape your face by going 1-2 shades deeper to contour and 1-2 shades lighter to highlight and brighten.


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