DAHB Lenses Solution All -in- one

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is an all in one solution ideal for disinfecting, cleaning, storing and hydrating our Dahab coloured contact lenses 


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Do you use contact lenses? If yes then lens cleaning solution from the house of  Dahab Lenses   is the best for you. We offer a pH-balanced (7.4 ± 0.4) multi-purpose solution that is ideal for disinfecting, cleaning, storing and hydrating all types of lenses including the coloured ones. Available in an excellent quality packaging, our lens solution is a perfect way to have relaxed eyes all day long while wearing lenses. Our lens solution is formulated using quality ingredients only and thus, it does not anything happen to the eyes. There is no chance of discomfort or eye redness after using our lenses solution.


 Some of the major benefits of our lens cleaning solution are:

 1.     Keep lens moist: Our lens cleaning solution helps in keeping the contact lens moist all the time. The solution locks in the moisture content and restores it all day long.

 2.     No Dehydration: Our solution never lets your eyes dehydrate. It helps in fighting dehydration due to pollution and different environmental conditions.

 3.     No need for eye drops: Our lens solution is specially formulated for regular lens users. It is especially for those who have dry and sensitive eyes.

 4.     Advanced formula: The advanced formula of our lens solution helps in proper disinfection of the lenses and makes it clean for your next usage.

 5.     Multipurpose: Our lens solution is multi-purpose which implies they are best for cleaning, rinsing, disinfecting, and storing the lenses.

 So, our solution can be used to clean and disinfect on a daily basis. It eliminates protein and is appropriate for all types of contact lenses. Also, it features a lubricant that prevents the lenses from drying out, making it suited for delicate eyes.


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